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Ways to Help Your Hair Using Lavender Oil

Have you ever wondered what is the ultimate ingredient to help your falling and dull hair? Do you also look for something two in one to help your hair as well as your insomnia? Say no more! 

Lavender oil is that magical oil you have been waiting for. The reasons are numerous. Scalp inflammation, lice, weak hair, and hair growth problems of it can be handled by appropriately using lavender oil. 

Using good quality lavender oil is also essential to get the maximum benefits of it. That’s why choosing True Native’s for your hair scalp massage is the best thing you can do to your hair. 

But before ordering the magic oil, read these ways to use it for maximum hair growth and protection. 

Mix It for Maximum Benefits 

There is no doubt that lavender oil is great on its own but the fact that its maximum can be multiplied just by adding other oils makes it even more perfect. If you are someone with a dry scalp or brittle hair you should use coconut oil with lavender. 

Coconut oil nourishes the scalp and lavender oil promotes hair growth and fights bacteria and the pair is just amazing. 

Lavender Oils and Masks 

Hair masks are a great way to nourish your hair and repair the damage caused by styling. One such mask is the egg mask in which the star ingredient is Lavender oil. 

The recipe for this mask is also very simple, just take an egg beat it with some lemon drops and add lavender oil to it. Apply this mask until it dries and washes it off with some shampoo and conditioner.

A little Lavender in Your Shampoo Won’t Hurt 

Who doesn’t want their scalp to smell nice and fresh while having strong and beautiful hair? The combination is deadly but it is achievable simply by adding a little lavender oil to your shampoo and conditioner bottles. 

The lavender oil will maximize the benefits of your shampoo and will help you get a clean and fresh scalp. 

Disclaimer; do not go overboard with the oil as it will make you oily even after using shampoo. 8-10 drops per bottle of 100ml are enough. 

Lavender Oil Massage Should be Your Weekend Plan  

After a stressful week, you look forward to the weekend to get some me time. This time I can get even more relaxed with this hot oil massage of lavender and peppermint blend. 

Both lavender and peppermint oils are known for their relaxing and soothing effect. While peppermint is already the hero in aromatherapy, lavender oil is not behind for helping you detoxify your aura while helping your hair. 

Mix equal parts lavender and peppermint oil, put it in the microwave for a minute and slowly massage it onto your scalp. After massaging your scalp do not forget your forehead and other acupressure points near your head to get the full benefit of aromatherapy and acupressure. 

After the massage, cover your head with a warm towel and relax. Wash your hair as usual and you will feel on top of the world and ready for the upcoming Monday. 

Final Words 

Your healthy hair is in your hair and to do it right, using only the purest lavender oil from True Native’s should be your approach.

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