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Major Essential Oil Mistakes That People Often Make

Since people are turning back towards natural and organic products, essential oils are one of the prominent names you have heard a lot of times. From the beginning till now, essential oils have been marked as multipurpose components for human health but a list of myths and misconceptions is attached to it.

One of the main reasons for myths and misconception is, people are sharing unauthentic information and remedies for essential oils without adding any source or proof which makes the situation worse and creates chaos. It’s advisable to use anything on your face and hair after taking consultation from experts and professionals. Other than that, there are some brands that are working tirelessly to sell genuine essential oils while educating the customers about the actual benefits and drawbacks of essential oils such as True Native’s so if you are in doubt about where to buy, give them a try. 

Essential Oil Blunders 

Getting confused with things you are not familiar with is normal but applying anything without asking the experts or doing absolutely no research is something that shouldn’t be practiced. We have shared below the major mistakes people often commit so you won’t fall for that when incorporating essential oils into your self-care routine.

Sticking to a Single Brand

Brand loyalty is a great trait as a customer when you talk about skincare or self-care products, you must think wisely. The fashion and healthcare industry is flourishing at skyrocketing speed, therefore, each day new brands launch making their products better than the competitors. Take advantage of it and select high-quality products from different high-end brands. 

Imperfect Dilution 

Essential oils are concentrated therefore you must dilute them to neutralize the consistency. There are a number of essential oils that you can use neat (without diluting) depending on the weather conditions and your skin type.

Diluted essential oils work best as they don’t provoke inflammation at the earlier stage in case of reaction whereas undiluted or neat ones make your skin prone to skin allergies, irritation, and sunburns. Apart from external side effects, in severe cases, users might be attacked with internal reactions such as fetotoxicity and neurotoxicity that don’t exhibit their symptoms at an earlier stage. 

Age Factor Matters

Not everything is for everyone. The age factor matters when you apply certain components to your skin. Teens are more prone to effects when applying essential oils as there are some restrictions and guidelines that must be followed for kids and older people.

Most of the oils are not advised by the experts because of medical reasons so if you are thinking of getting an essential oil for your kid or older parents, make sure to check the age limit on the bottle. 

Overlooking Quality 

Just as you check out the freshness and quality of the bread by squeezing it before buying, checking out the quality of essential oil is equally important. Essential oils are the fusion of seasonal plants and perishable oils and both can affect the effectiveness of the product. Therefore, it’s best to check with an expert before grabbing any product. Especially, when you use essential oils for medicinal purposes. 

Is it worth purchasing?

Essential oils are great for hair, skin, and health so buy from the trusted brand True Native’s and incorporate these multifunctional oils into your life.

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